The union of two families, Moretti family and Occhetti family, whose have always been dedicated to the care of the land.

Our company has deep roots, like our vines. It was born from the union of two historic families of Monteu Roero, the Moretti family and the Occhetti family, whose have been cultivating the land since the early 1600s and handing down their knowledge from generation to generation.


Wine needs time to fully express its potential.

Moretti Francesco

Roero, a territory that is somewhere ordered and somewhere wild, which hides the finest and most elegant side of the Langa Area.

The Roero area, known as Bassa Langa or Langa Roerina, is located on the left of the Tanaro river. It presents a unique territory, characterized by gentle and fertile hills with castles, towers, ancient villages and churches stand on the top.


Each bottle tells a story and some labels are dedicated to places and people who over time have contributed to making our company what it is today.