Roero, a territory that is somewhere ordered and somewhere wild, which hides the finest and most elegant side of the Langa Area.

The Roero area, known as Bassa Langa or Langa Roerina, is located on the left of the Tanaro river. It presents a unique territory, characterized by gentle and fertile hills with castles, towers, ancient villages and churches stand on the top. Hills with quilted slopes of vineyards, orchards and woodlands, between whose slopes there are deep inlets called “Rocche del Roero”. These are the result of a geological phenomenon of erosion caused by the Tanaro, before it diverted its course due to seismic phenomena and landslides about 200.000 years ago.

The Roero area is a territory with a marine origin, formed by sedimentation of debris of various lithological origins about 2-3 million years ago.