Monteu Roero - Italia

The production and vinification takes place in two different farms, that historically belong to the Moretti and Occhetti families, which are located both in the district of Occhetti in Monteu Roero.

The headquarter houses the office and the barrel cellar, that counts many French oak barrels where we refine the wine of some of our best selections

Here visitors are welcomed in a large tasting room built in the old wine cellar of the farmhouse. This place has an evocative atmosphere and it is perfect to accommodate large groups of visitors that want to taste our best vintages.

"Cascina Occhetti" is instead the headquarters where most of the major wine making process take place: here you can find the necessary equipment for crushing and pressing the grapes, the stainless steel tanks for fermentation and for storage red and white wines in separate rooms.

Visitors will be guided here to begin to discover the great wines of Piedmont, they will be shown the modern winemaking techniques in addition to the more traditional ones on which is based the company's philosophy of continuous development and research for wines of high quality.

The hard work made during the vinification continues in the big oak barrels where red wines over the years evolve and are refined, giving us great wines with a complex and important structure. A concrete expression of the uniqueness of the Roero area’s terroir.

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