Monteu Roero - Italia
 The Roero is placed on the hydrographic left of the Tanaro river, it has a unique territory made of smooth and fertile hills on which stand out  medieval castles , towers, villages, churches and chapels.

Hills with sides quilted of vineyards and wooded areas.  Among these hillsides open suddenly deep chasms that collapse for hundred meters, these  precipices represent  a peculiarity of the landscape of the village of Monteu Roero.

The precipices, characterized by canyon and picturesque badlands, are the result of a geological erosion        phenomenon  generated after the event so-called the "catching of Tanaro river"; about 250.000 years ago in fact, the Tanaro river changed its water course for the erosion of another river. The sides of the hills made of fine sand forme spiers with beautiful shapes, majestic natural amphitheatres, where you can go by following the little footparhs made by the peasantry.

The geological stratification of the precipices has many different layers of soil to, where often can be found  fossils of shells and fish; that attest the fact that millions of years ago the Roero area constitute a seabed.

Inside the precipices, different microclimates coexist in a few hundred meters above sea level. At the base of the badlands there is a more humid and shady area, while on the rock ridges there is a high insolation.

The climate of Roero area is instead tended to continental and arid, it has limited excess seasonal rainfall and hot summers.

This land with its marked contrasts offers glimpses of wild beauty and nature, a land with its cultural and gastronomic traditions that invites you to learn about its own history ... just visiting it!

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